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'The Black Clan' is the fourth book in a series of five, continuing the stories of Detective James Avalon. The series is set in the Highlands as Avalon is based at Inverness and includes many well-known locations. The long awaited fourth book of The Avalon Series, 'The Black Clan' will be on sale from 19th November from Waterstones and at all our other usual outlets. You can pre-order your copy from this website.

Though Detective Inspector Avalon and his team are once again working the city of Inverness, this tale of revenge and ancient commitments will take Avalon on quite a tour of the Highlands with connections to Aberdeen. This frustrating case will press Avalon's team to their limits as door after door closes on their investigation with worrying connections to people in high places and high ranking officers. In the fourth book of the compelling 'Avalon Series', the Inverness detective is once again on a baffling case that sees him put his job and his reputation on the line.


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