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The final book in the first Avalon Series, Caledonian Flame is now on sale from Waterstones Inverness, or here on this website.
Peter is also working on the new series through this year, it is an historical adventure story set just after the Battle of Culloden. There is no date set for release but it is doubtful it will be this year due to the vast amount of research required.

There is now confirmed another new series that is to take place around 690 AD and is set along the east coast of the Highlands. It is a story that follows life during the time of the Picts but again, there is no actual realease date for this.

The Avalon short has been put on hold, no comment why yet but could it be because the next series is planned?

The Titles

Though Peter is generally known for his best-selling Avalon Series, there are other titles by him.

And still to come...