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'The Brollachan' is the third book in a series of five, continuing the stories of Detective James Avalon. The series is set in the Highlands as Avalon is based at Inverness and includes many well-known locations. After just twelve months based in Inverness, Detective Inspector James Avalon now feels more at home than any other time in his life. With his personal life still a shambles, Avalon takes solace in the landscape and his work, but when a woman disappears from her car in plain sight, he wonders about the accuracy of the report.
Travelling north to a small coastal village he soon becomes embroiled in a misty tale from the past and a spectre that simply will not go away. When a body is found, the case becomes more serious. Is the woman's disappearance linked to the body or does Avalon need to reassess his methods?
In the third book of the compelling 'Avalon Series', the Inverness detective is once again on a case with a mysterious undertone that sees him forging stronger ties with the Highlands, it's people and the history of Scotland.


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