A Certain Summer

The first book in the 'Sam' Chronicles

The 'Sam' Chronicles follows the adventures of a boy called 'Sam' growing up in the Midlands through the 1960s.
The first book called 'A CERTAIN SUMMER' sees Sam as a young boy with a charming innocence. His imagination and his friends are all he needs to bring life to witches, dragons and Zulus in his small kingdom.
It is hilarious in parts but also sad and poignant with a very nostalgic theme running throughout. It was a time of a more gentle life with Steam Engines and buses with conductors.
Gritty at times but easy to read. Not to be missed.

A Certain Summer
‘A Certain Summer’ is a collection of adventures of a young boy growing up in a small village in the English countryside among the midlands coalfields through the 1960’s. The chapters are intentionally small to reflect the scampering mind of a child but this also makes the book an easy read for those on the move.
The story follows Sam, who is of a non-specific age, as the narrative is not based on one particular summer but many summers, examining his young life and that of his friends and the way that they explore their relationships with adults and the world around them.

All the adventures are true, if not in any ‘real world’ chronological order but are designed to allow the reader to see Sam growing up and the way that this effects his life. Join Sam and his friends as they battle with witches, tigers and the worst of all enemies, adults. You will meet Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes and characters from the American Wild West. The story is overflowing with the taste of nostalgic summers, the sound of the English countryside, the feel of heavy locomotives and just a whiff of coal dust.
The book flows from the ingenuous life of children growing up in the sixties to the hardships of working class morality. It is filled with gentle humour but is also spattered with an earthy, and sometimes 'gritty' narrative. The early chapters are concerned with his younger life from as early as seven years old and conclude with Sam in his early teens and experiencing some of the doubts and problems that come with the onset of puberty. The story leaves the reader with the consideration that there is much more to tell.

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