The Drums of Drumnadrochit

The first book in the Avalon Series

Detective James Avalon has had ups and downs in his career but his life is about to change with a secondment from Wolverhampton to Inverness.
A recent crime wave in the Highlands has put the Inverness Division under a great deal of pressure but a chance meeting sets off a chain of events in Avalon's life.
In Detail
Introducing Detective James Avalon in a story that follows him from his base in Wolverhampton to the highlands of Scotland.
Detective James Avalon is a man in turmoil. Both his private and professional life is at an all time low and to make things worse he is seen as a liability to his senior officers. He has to make a change in both aspects of his life, but how?
Though he is still on good terms with his ex wife she is beginning to despair with his lack of compromise in his life until a chance meeting with another officer shows promise of opening new doors to his future.
A move from the West Midlands to the highlands of Scotland on a secondment is all that it will take but Avalon is beginning to see himself as a fatally flawed character. Change is what he needs but is it too late? Avalon finds the northern air and the area of Inverness to his liking and a new area brings a new start but the crime wave and odd cases make life difficult again - can Avalon make a difference?

From missing UFO spotters to organised crime, Avalon is set many a varied mystery but most of all, has the ghost of a long dead Culloden warrior come back to haunt the banks of Loch Ness?
Avalon is tested to the limit in an effort to solve the mystery and his life in just ten weeks.