Sam's Kingdom

The second book in the 'Sam' series.

The Sequel to 'A Certain Summer' follows the further adventures of Sam and his friends.
Sam is a little older and crossing that 'no mans land' from child to adult. He still looks back at his earlier life however and thinks about times when he was very young.

Just as funny as the first book, Sam's Kingdom continues to tell the story of a more gentle time.

Sam's Kingdom.
The second book, 'SAM'S KINGDOM' is Sequel to 'A Certain Summer' and sees Sam a little older yet still looking back to an earlier time.
It follows the further adventures of Sam and his friends through those gentle years and into the rocky time of Sam's adolescence.
Sam is curious to why things have to change, why can't his world stay the same? Adults seem to want to change things for the sake of it but Sam and his friends don't want that change - they want it as it is.

Sam looks back at his life to see how things have already effected his future and he sees that the older boys around him are moving on too, determined to try and outrun the pace of change he sets out on more hilarious adventures with his friends.

From a Day trip to Blackpool to the legendary 'Black Dog', Sam's adventures rekindle the nostalgia of the first book in this second volume.