The Black Thistle Series

A new series of books is to be launched this winter with the 'Black Thistle' series. This is still a working title for the series and that could, and probably will, change.
The working title for the first book is now called 'The Sword of Culloden' with the second book being called 'The Cloud Warriors' but again these titles could change.

The books are described as 'Historical Adventure' and will be a mix of swash buckling adventurers, rougish mercenaries and lost fortunes set in an acurate, historical and polictical backdrop of the aftermath of Culloden.

The year is 1747, the place is a small town called Inverness. It is just over a year since the bloody battle at Culloden and yet Scotland is still burning, its people are still dying, still being ill used and still being transported. One man who goes by the name of Angus McQuin is living in the unhostpitable country around the town. He's waiting... he's waiting for something to happen, waiting for something he isn't even fully aware of, but it's coming nonetheless.

The Black Thistle Series - by Peter Gray